Accelerate Your Receivables

Are your customers slow about paying their invoices? QuickBooks can help accelerate your receivables. Simplify the Payment Process The single most effective step you can take to speed up customer remittances is to allow payment by credit card or electronic check. If you’re currently only accepting paper checks, you already know what problems that option […]

Are You Using QuickBooks’ Reminders?

QuickBooks’ Reminders can prevent countless problems with your finances. Totally Customizable To start setting up Reminders, open the Edit menu and select Preferences. Click Reminders in the left vertical pane. With the My Preferences tab highlighted, click in the box in front of Show Reminders List when opening a Company file to create a checkmark. […]

Establishing Preferences in QuickBooks

To start customizing QuickBooks so it works best for you, open the Edit menu and choose Preferences. As you can see, the left vertical pane contains a list of Preference types. Click on any of these to change the option screens to the right. Always click the tabs labeled My Preferences and Company Preferences to make sure you see everything that’s displayed for each […]

Setting Up QuickBooks Reminders

Preserve your relationships with customers, vendors, and others by setting up reminders in QuickBooks.   QuickBooks contains a dedicated set of tools that automates the process of setting up and displaying reminders. Once you’ve created them, they can be the first thing you see when you open QuickBooks in the morning.   Warning: If you […]