From QuickBooks® and Point of Sale Software Selection, Setup, Installation and Training; Customized Reports Setup and Memorization; Third Party Application Implementation; Data File and End of Year Cleanup; to Routine Support, Biz-Bob Is Here to Help You Get the Most out of Your Software

Pre-Paid Time Blocks Support/Consulting

On-site, good for 1 year, and cheaper the more you buy!

2 Hours

  • Have a few questions or issues?
  • Need some help implementing new business processes?

4 Hours

  • Do you need multiple things addressed?
  • Do you have a slightly complex QuickBooks issue?
  • Would you like supplemental training?

8 Hours

  • Do your books need a lot of cleanup?
  • Do you have a new-hire that is new to QuickBooks ?
  • Need help throughout the year?

Your Consultant

Bob Crook, Owner of Small Business Solutions LLC, QuickBooks Solutions Provider (QSP) has been performing consulting projects for QuickBooks for several decades and is especially well-versed in the software. Bob has been a Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor since 1999, as well as QuickBooks® Point of Sale Certified since 2003. He is also QuickBooks® Advanced Certified. He loves helping clients see the “Aha” moment when an account is cleaned up or the technology produces the correct number.

Dealing with a Complex QuickBooks® Issue?

Get 1-On-1 Support or Long-Term Training to Help You Make Your Software Work for You

Whether you’re setting up QuickBooks® for the first time, going from one software to another, Biz-Bob is here to support your transition with quick, reliable, and smart installation.

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1-On-1 Support

Before working with us, clients have been worried about & unclear of the level of success, efficiency, & productivity within their own company.

With Biz-Bob’s 30+ year’s of QuickBooks & Accounting experience, many clients love the confidence he brings to them with the knowledge & understanding of the health of their business & finances.

“You don’t know what you don’t know!”

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As Needed Help & Support Lines

Clients have been happy to get answers to questions and issues quickly and easily through Biz-Bob.

  • Ask Biz-Bob your questions with an on-site visit, or a remote call!
  • Sign up for Support and get access to our special client 911 Point of Sale Support Line!

QuickBooks support help Huntsville, AL

End Of Year Support

Have Biz-Bob come out and help you gather your tax reports and get your books in tip-top shape.

Did You Know You Can Electronically Deliver W-2s?

Reduce Accountant Clean Up Costs!

We offer the whole package, and stick with you from beginning to end.

Get special Reseller Discounts on your QuickBooks® Software when purchasing through us!

Want to reach out to Intuit QuickBooks® Support Lines? NOTE: Due to COVID, several of these lines have been disconnected. The best way to contact Intuit is within each product.

Check Order Follow-Up: 866-570-3842

Point of Sale (POS) Support: 800-348-0254
Enterprise Solutions (QBES) Support: 866-340-7237
Pro/Premier/Mac Support: : In Product Help — QuickBooks Desktop Help or
QuickBooks Online (QBO) Support: : In Product – when in QBO go to Help on the top right of the screen

Intuit Merchant Services (Payments) & Gift Card Support: 800-558-9558
NEW: Intuit Merchant Services Voice Authorizations: 800-228-1122

All payroll support is done within the product now: Enhanced, Assisted, Full Service and Online