From QuickBooks® Software Selection, Setup, Installation and Training; Customized Reports Setup and Memorization; Third Party Application Implementation; Data File and End of Year Cleanup; to Routine Support, Biz-Bob Is Here to Help You Get the Most out of Your Software

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  • Have a few questions or issues?
  • Need some help implementing new business processes?

4 Hours

  • Do you need multiple things addressed?
  • Do you have a slightly complex QuickBooks issue?
  • Would you like supplemental training?

8 Hours

  • Do your books need a lot of cleanup?
  • Do you have a new-hire that is new to QuickBooks ?
  • Need help throughout the year?

Dealing with a Complex QuickBooks® Issue?

Get 1-On-1 Support or Long-Term Training to Help You Make Your Software Work for You

Whether you’re setting up QuickBooks® for the first time, going from one software to another, Biz-Bob is here to support your transition with quick, reliable, and smart installation.

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1-On-1 Support

Before working with us, clients have been worried about & unclear of the level of success, efficiency, & productivity within their own company.

With Biz-Bob’s 30+ year’s of QuickBooks & Accounting experience, many clients love the confidence he brings to them with the knowledge & understanding of the health of their business & finances.

“You don’t know what you don’t know!”

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As Needed Help & Support Lines

Clients have been happy to get answers to questions and issues quickly and easily through Biz-Bob.

  • Ask Biz-Bob your questions with an on-site visit, or a remote call!
  • Sign up for Support and get access to our special client 911 Point of Sale Support Line!

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End Of Year Support

Have Biz-Bob come out and help you gather your tax reports and get your books in tip-top shape.

Did You Know You Can Electronically Deliver W-2s?

Reduce Accountant Clean Up Costs!

We offer the whole package, and stick with you from beginning to end.

Get special Reseller Discounts on your QuickBooks® Software when purchasing through us!

Want to reach out to Intuit QuickBooks® Support Lines?

Check Order Follow-Up: 866-570-3842

Point of Sale (POS) Support: 800-348-0254
Enterprise Solutions (QBES) Support: 866-340-7237
Pro/Premier/Mac Support: : In Product Help — QuickBooks Desktop Help or
QuickBooks Online (QBO) Support: : In Product – when in QBO go to Help on the top right of the screen

Intuit Merchant Services (Payments) & Gift Card Support: 800-558-9558
NEW: Intuit Merchant Services Voice Authorizations: 800-228-1122

All payroll support is done within the product now: Enhanced, Assisted, Full Service and Online