"Bob is the BEST! He has been helping me with my QuickBooks since I first started my business 4 years ago. He has trained me so well, that I no longer need to see him quarterly - but, only once a year for him to "clean up" my QuickBooks for tax purposes. He has given me great advice about changing banks so that it works SEAMLESSLY with QuickBooks. He has great insight on the ins and outs of QuickBooks and can easily help you with any question you come across. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he is such a hoot and we always have a blast when we get together! I highly recommend Bob all the way - 5 stars!!!!!!"

Ledgewood Fine Stationery, Owner Frances

Bob was and is a great help with our QuickBooks systems.  We had a huge mess before Bob came in to help sort things out.  Our continued relationship has been a big asset for Swimming Pool Services.  His knowledge has not only helped us with QuickBooks; it is almost like having an IT person to solve other issues.

Glen Jacobson, Owner
Swimming Pool Services, LLC

Bob Crook at Small Business Solutions is instrumental in keeping our company up to date and operating efficiently with QuickBooks Pro.  He always makes himself available to answer questions and is quick to respond to our needs.  Based on our experiences, Bob and his company operate with honesty and integrity and we would recommend his services to anyone.

Gary Knight, Co-Owner
Alpha Estate Sales and Auctions

Small Business Solutions with Bob Crook has assisted me and my company in becoming more efficient by improving on a range of issues such as payroll, inventory controls, bookkeeping, and more.  I can honestly say that I have more time and make more money by implementing and practicing his instruction.  Small Business Solutions can help any owners that want to bring their business from “Mom and Pop” to “professional”.

Derrick Mitchel, President
Nature's Apothecary, Inc.

Bob has helped our company completely revamp our books.  Because our books are correct, it saves time and money with our accountant for taxes.  It also helps give us an accurate picture of how our company is doing.  He has taught me everything I know about QuickBooks.  He takes the time to educate us and answer questions.  We can count on him to show up for our monthly appointments and also to return our calls when we need to have a question answered when he is not here.  His knowledge of QuickBooks and accounting in general is incredible.  He has a high level of integrity.  He seems passionate about what he does.  He is well worth the money we spend to have him come each month.

DeAnne Zelenkov, Financial Manager
Ledford's Landscaping

Bob Crook has always been able to help me when I run into trouble with rental problems. I appreciate his willingness to occasionally help me out of trouble that I get myself in while working on my books.  We have worked together for almost 20 years.

Joyce Edgar, Owner/Manager
C. F. Edgar Rentals

Bob continues to be valuable to my business with his knowledge of QuickBooks.  He is instrumental in keeping our books up to date with his recommendations and evaluation of our data.  He has saved our data from corruption, and I find his quarterly visits to be assuring and helpful.  QuickBooks is a crucial part of maintaining and evaluating my business and he is always responsive to any issues.  Bob is a great resource and I highly recommend him.

Beverly Boylan, President
Huntsville Radio Service, Inc. (Sharp Communication)

I’m ALWAYS happy to tell people how great Bob’s services are at Small Business Solutions!

D. W. Laney, Jr., M.D.
Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates, P.C.

Bob has a wonderful work ethic. He is always on time, easy to communicate with, and personable. Bob knows his business like no other, and he understands how to get other business owners to work together. I just can’t say enough good things about him and how much I enjoy working with him on QuickBooks projects. Do business with Bob and you will be doing business with a true professional!

Daniel Stephens, CEO
N2 Publishing

Our company has been using Small Business Solutions for several years and is highly satisfied with Bob’s service.  Not only is his quality of service beyond expectations, but his business practices are just as you’d expect from a business professional.  Any small business that is not using SBS for their QuickBooks needs is missing out on a truly valuable service that should not be compromised.

Natalie Hasley, President
Bama Jammer, Inc.

Love, love, love Bob!  We would be lost without his constant support.

Jenny Buchanan
Tile & Stone Market

Bob has been instrumental in helping me with QuickBooks issues for many years and is outstanding as a teacher. He is easy to work with and always pleasant. He makes asking questions easy as he never makes you feel that a question is dumb. Bob is very respected by my employees who find him knowledgeable and approachable. His knowledge of QuickBooks is unmatched. He would always have my highest recommendation.

Karen Corp, CFO
The House of Staunton

Bob Crook and his team at Small Business Solutions are simply Amazing!!! On a 5 star rating system I give him a 10. Bob has been one of the most important assets I could have hoped to have for my business. Since I began working with Bob I have saved not only time but money. My productivity has increased. Bob has showed me more efficient ways to track every aspect of my business. I now have more knowledge and control of my business then I ever could have learning on my own like I did before Bob. If you use a point of sale or accounting software for your business, and it’s not a QuickBooks product and you are not using Bob Crook and his team at Small Business solutions then I highly recommend you make the switch today… Thank you Bob!!!!” .

Chris Ray, Owner

Beth is the consummate professional who makes learning fun. She doesn’t bog you down with impertinent details; she caters the instruction to your needs, large or small. I don’t have an accounting background and she is very patient with me. Thank you, Beth! I no longer fear learning new software.

Amy Locke, Executive Assistant
Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County Industrial Development Board

I recently called on Mr. Bob Crook of Small Business Solutions LLC to assist in setting up my QuickBooks accounting software for Multi-User Mode to network our office desktop and our new laptop. I initially spoke with Ms. Jerie Harrell who was extremely helpful and very thorough in explaining what Small Business Solutions LLC could do to help aid me with my networking issue. Mr. Crook came to my office in person to assist with the set up. He was very knowledgeable and really took great care in explaining what he was doing as he was working. He even went above and beyond to help me better understand the software I was using. The price I paid was more than fair and the customer service was beyond excellent. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for help with QuickBooks software.

Riki Cain, Office Manager
Eddie Posey Garage

Whenever I call Small Business Solutions, our problems are resolved quickly and accurately. You couldn’t find a smarter or more customer-driven team. We have worked with Small Business Solutions since our QuickBooks set-up in 2010, and they’ve been taking care of us ever since.

Lori Warner, Accounting Specialist
Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison Count

"Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I was so relieved when I left my office yesterday. I'm so glad I found your services. It appears that finally my QBooks will be organized. I'm looking forward to seeing more results and learning the best way to operate my companies books. Thank you for the swift and thorough attention to detail yesterday. I would like some of your cards to pass around!"

"Bob is obviously very knowledgeable about QuickBooks, but his real strength is in training and conditioning clients to use workflows that maximize the effectiveness of the product and keep the accounting books clean and clutter-free. I would recommend having all staff who will be touching QuickBooks/QB Online go through training with Bob."

"Bob is GREAT!!!! He is so enthusiastic and genuinely wants to help you understand QuickBooks and be GOOD at it! He breaks it down where its easier to understand and helps teach you exactly what you need to know for your business needs. I highly recommend his services!"

"I wish we had called on Bob when we first started our business. He and his office have been quick, responsive, and very professional. Learning how to use QuickBooks properly is saving me hours and hours of time and will make tax time so much easier."

"Bob has always been very helpful with QuickBooks and very knowledgeable."

"After our first visit, we felt comfortable that our needs were being addressed and that we were being taught how to establish our program for our individual business. I wish we had contacted Bob and his staff for our initial purchase and set up."

"Bob is an excellent teacher. He has been very patient in helping me as a beginner transitioning to QuickBooks. He is truly an expert and is professional in every respect."

"Bob helped us resolve several issues and was very knowledgeable about our product and what we need. We will be using him in the future."

"We have been with Bob for 20 years and appreciate all the time he gives us when we do not know exactly what to do. His excellent professional guidance is so valuable in our business. Thank you Bob for your help."

"Bob and his staff are always courteous. Bobs knowledge of QB is phenomenal. He and his staff are tops in their field"

"Bob and his staff are great to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable with all the QuickBooks Products."

"We have been using Bob as our QuickBooks advisor for 10 years. He is always showing us something new to make using QuickBooks more useful. He has a great sense of humor and is always a pleasure to be around. His professional demeanor is evident in everything he does for us. We appreciate all that Bob does for us!"

"Bob has been our QuickBooks advisor and support person for over 13 years. He originally transitioned us from a different accounting software over to QuickBooks. Wow, he made the transition so easy. Over the years, as our accounting needs have changed, Bob has been there to help us through each transition. He is patient with us and always makes sure we understand what we're doing. Bob truly cares about us and our business and its success. We have found Bob to be trustworthy, professional, competent, quick to respond, affordable, helpful, caring and funny! He's pretty amazing!"

"Bob has been a valuable resource for our company in our transition to QB and in working with the many attributes of the program."

 "Bob, has been invaluable in helping us migrate from our old QB to QuickBooks Online. He is the best! He will be helping us move to payroll soon. Gary Knight Alpha Estate Sales & Auctions"

"Bob has given us QB support for years whenever we run into problems or need help. This year we needed to update to the 2016 QB product and Bob was able to help us make the transition easily."

"Bob and his team were able to assist when we were having issues. They got us back up and running quickly."

"Bob is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond when we have issues."

"I have been using Bob for over 7 years now. He and his team are always there when I need them. They make using QuickBooks quick and easy. Thanks Bob for all that you do! I would never use anyone else!"

"While I have been a QuickBooks user for years, I had never ventured into the online banking. I met Bob when the owner of the company had asked Bob to do a review of our books and he opened my eyes to the great time saver of the online banking! Thank you, Bob!"

"I just recently went through an Alabama Sales Tax audit. Both my accountant and the auditors said that this was the best audit they had done. My (Quickbooks) records were in such good order that the process went very fast. This was due to a large part because of Bob Crook of Small Business Solutions. I have a monthly support service where he helps me keep my records in order. Thanks for the great job.""

"Bob, Has become my new best friend.. He has shown me tricks and short cuts I never knew existed after using QB for over 16 years I became dated (old) .. He has refreshed my way of thinking by leaps and bounds, saving me time and money. Bob, you are amazing. I can't thank you enough for putting your time and heart into my new business making sure I start things off right. I would HIGHLY recommend you to any business!!!!!"

"Bob has been INCREDIBLE for our businesses and our personal QBP accounting. We thank God for him and that he was recommended to us. He's extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and cares about our business succeeding and our saving time and money. THANKS SO MUCH BOB!"

"Bob has been invaluable to our store. Before opening the business, I contacted Bob and he got us off of the right foot from the very beginning. He has continued supporting us over the past three years and provides assistance whenever it is needed. He is committed to making sure you understand the software while also providing immediate fixes when my time is not available for teaching. I would recommend Bob to anyone who is starting a retail business or who is looking to make a POS change with their current business."

"Our company has been using Small Business Solutions for several years and is highly satisfied with Bob’s service. Not only is his quality of service beyond expectations, but his business practices are just as you’d expect from a business professional. Any small business that is not using SBS for their QuickBooks needs is missing out on a truly valuable service that should not be compromised."

"Bob Crook provides my workplace with support and training in all applicable aspects of the QuickBooks software. Although I had on-line banking experience in my personal banking, I had never used any form of QuickBooks before and didn't know where to begin. Bob came in; listened to the way we transact business; and set up our system to work easily and smoothly so that even a novice like myself could be successful. We truly value and appreciate his work."

"I have owned a small business for over 4 years now. I was overwhelmed with trying to keep my books the old fashioned way by handwriting checks, having employees fill out time cards, and trying to reconcile all my accounts. I was also paying an accountant to report my monthly sales taxes and quarterly payroll taxes. Now, with the help I've gotten from Bob, I am able to print paychecks, upload employee hours worked from POS, pay my sales taxes online, and reconcile my checking accounts and credit card accounts with just a few clicks. Bob is excellent in his field, and he is always quick to respond if I need help. I only wish I had hired him earlier. He is well worth his monthly fee!"

"We had been an extremely satisfied QB Pro user for a number of years. Being a wholesaler, our inventory items were numerous and we were looking for a better way to track inventory, so we purchased POS and installed ourselves. Although, satisfied with the program we were very aware that we only utilized a small percentage of the programs capabilities. We were still hand writing tickets which I entered into QB financial. Finally, we decided we wanted to get our moneys' worth out of the POS program. I located Bob from the "find QB local support". He has been nothing but professional and helpful. He came and helped us utilize both financial and POS. He has always returned calls or emails in a timely manner. He keeps his finger on the pulse of Quickbooks and shares ideas on what he's learned. If we have an issue he's not sure about, he will call support or people he knows until he finds an answer or solution. We started with a monthly support contract. With each visit, he would impart new "tricks" of the programs to help with our everyday work routines. Even though he is very knowledgeable about both programs, he is able to explain in terms that are easy, for us as laypeople to understand and follow. We have had a contract with Bob, four years now, and I have never felt that it was money thrown out the window."

"Bob is extremely friendly, explains in an understanding way, very efficient. Bob knows the QB inside and out, always has the answer and always quick to respond. I would recommend him to any of my clients."

"Bob was very responsive, knowledgeable and patient. This was our first experience with QuickBooks - in fact, the first time to perform our own accounting services - and he made us feel comfortable and confident with the new system. He set us up for success, and we are off to a great start!"

"I own a small retail store and contracting business. Bob is definitely the best in the business. His knowledge of QB and QBPOS is outstanding, and he maintains his skills with factory training regularly. He has many customers in the Huntsville area and is usually nearby if we have an emergency, but he can always be reached by phone. We wasted several months trying to get our data entered correctly into QB before giving Bob a call, and he was able to fix our mistakes and get everything rolling smoothly. He also has lots of business connections in the area so if we need something he doesn't handle, he gets us in touch with someone who does. You may have to wait a little while if you are a new customer for him because he stays pretty busy with existing customers. But one of my friends owns a business and Bob got him up to speed within a couple of days. That said, he works fast and his price is very reasonable considering the amount of work he does for you. Definitely a 5-star rating."

"Bob is a life-saver! He knows what he is doing! I am so glad that we crossed paths! He has helped my business tremendously by cleaning up the mess that we created and training my employees to use the program more efficiently! Now we are on our way with up to date technology! Thank you, BOB!"

"My company has been working with Bob Crook for many years now and we are highly satisfied with his service. It is very apparent that Bob is knowledgeable and experienced with all the functions, commands, and capabilities of QB. We have referred him and his services to many people and have full confidence in the accuracy of his work, and the attention he gives to his clients is outstanding. We thoroughly enjoy working with Bob and hope to continue our business relationship for many years to come."

"Bob is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the QuickBooks program. He takes his time and is thorough in his teaching. With every appointment, I learn something that makes QB easier and the newest features, or features I hadn't taken advantage of yet."

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