Billing Customers for Time and Expenses in QuickBooks Online (QBO)

It’s easy to create a billable time activity within QBO. Click +New, then Single time activity. Fill in the blanks and select items from drop-down lists until you’ve completed a form. The critical section of this screen is pictured below: In this example, the employee will receive $50/hour for the work done (Cost rate). Because […]

Setting Up QBO Users

Unless you assign specific access rights to your users, they’ll be able to see and do everything that you see and do on the site. You undoubtedly trust your employees or you wouldn’t have hired them, but it’s just good business practice to restrict individuals to their specific work areas. QuickBooks Online makes this easy. […]

Setting Up Users in QuickBooks Desktop

Identifying Users To get started, open the Company menu and scroll down the list to highlight Set Up User Names and Passwords. On the slide-out menu, select Set Up Users. The User List window will open, and you should see your own entry as Admin. Click Add User. To give an employee access to QuickBooks, […]