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QuickBooks POS v19 Discontinued and Sunsetting

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QuickBooks POS v19 Discontinued and Sunsetting

Intuit announced support for QuickBooks Desktop POS v19 will be discontinued and sunsetted on October 3, 2023, we want to reassure you that our team is here to guide you through this journey.  We know that you will have tough decisions to make on how you run your retail business in the coming months.  Learn more about the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Intuit Software End User Agreement here.
With that said, thank you for selecting Small Business Solutions LLC as your QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) and entrusting us to help you design a solution based on your needs.  We have been busy behind the scenes laying out scenarios based on you, our clients and merchants.  We have spent hours identifying four areas for you to address (think about), built out a list of questions & answers, and noted resources below:

  1. How does this announcement impact my business?
  2. Will Small Business Solutions LLC still support QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale?
  3. Will POS Apps and Financial Exchange (AFE) still work?
  4. Will Small Business Solutions LLC help guide me on this journey and my options?

How does this QuickBooks POS announcement impact my business?

Since 2005, the QuickBooks Point of Sale software has been a self-supporting product.  The POS software is simple to use and has a helpful index that is located in the product. QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale v19 will continue to work out of the box allowing you to manage vendors, customers, and inventory; make sales; and run reports.
First ensure that you are backing up your QuickBooks POS data. Losing your day-to-day sales, receiving orders and so much more is incredibly painful and stressful for a business.  Power failure, media defects, disgruntled employees, or hardware problems can corrupt or destroy your company information.
Backing up your data on a regular basis enables you to recover from such events as quickly and painlessly as possible. Failure to do so puts your entire business at risk. Keep backups of your data file in a safe location, preferably off-site. Keep your backups in a fireproof safe, or at a business records management facility.
The following support & services will be turned off on October 3, 2023.

  • Intuit Direct QuickBooks POS Support
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments (Intuit Merchant Services)
  • Givex Gift Card Service
  • Store Exchange for QuickBooks POS v19 Multi-Store (using Intuit server default settings)
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Mobile Sync & GoPayment
  • Vendor Lookup Service feature
  • Constant Contact Email Campaigns
  • QuickBooks POS Updates & Patches
Intuit Direct QuickBooks POS Support

Your access to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale via chat and phone support will be discontinued after October 3, 2023Learn more about POS v19 discontinuation  Small Business Solutions LLC will continue to support QuickBooks POS v19.  Read more below.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments

QuickBooks POS Payments is an Intuit add-on service that will be discontinued/turned off.  This means you will not be able to accept credit & debit card payments, contactless payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay with the Tetra Lane 5000 pin pads.

Givex Gift Card Service

Since Givex Gift Cards are tied to your QuickBooks POS Merchant Account, you will no longer be able to sell & redeem gift cards with this service.  

Store Exchange for QuickBooks POS v19 Multi-Store

Customers who use QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 Multi-Store will no longer be able to use the Store Exchange feature with Intuit Service (using Intuit server default settings). The Store Exchange feature allows you to transfer data between your Headquarters and Remote Stores with “mailbags”.  You will need to set up an alternative communication method.  Those using DROPBOX will NOT be affected. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Mobile Sync & GoPayment

The QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Mobile Sync feature is tied to your QuickBooks Payment account, which allows you to sync inventory from QuickBooks Point of Sale to a mobile phone or iPad using the GoPayment App. This feature is often used as a line buster, at a pop-up show, or mobile event. It will be discontinued on October 3, 2023.

Vendor Lookup Service

The Vendor Lookup Service connects QuickBooks POS to a database that contains address information of vendors.  As you manually add a new vendor, business information is displayed, and you can select that vendor and the address is automatically populated in the correlating fields.

Constant Contact Email Campaigns 

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale partnered with Constant Contact, a third-party email marketing provider, to provide a fully integrated email marketing solution. End users can still export the customer list to an Excel file for easy uploading.

QuickBooks POS Updates & Patches

QuickBooks will no longer release updates and security patches for QuickBooks Point of Sale v19.  Be sure to check your software and ensure that you are on the latest update prior to October 3, 2023.  Release 11 (R11) is the latest update. 
In QuickBooks Point of Sale, go to Help, Software Updates, View Installed Updates.  Here you can check to see what updates have been installed on that particular computer. We also suggest that you go to QuickBooks Downloads & Updates and download the latest installer and patch.  

While you are checking what update you are on, we suggest that you jot down your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Product information and keep it handy.  You can also visit your Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPs) and update contact info where necessary. License information can also be obtained by going to QuickBooks Point of Sale, Help, About QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.  A popup will display the information.  Below is a list of product information we suggest. 

  • License Number
  • Product Code
  • Validation Code
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Zip Code

Will Small Business Solutions LLC still support QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (POS)? YES

Small Business Solutions LLC will continue to support QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale v19 after the software is sunsetted. Small Business Solutions LLC has been supporting QuickBooks Point of Sale since 2003. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot issues.
In accordance with our POS Support Agreements, we will continue to provide you with quality consulting services and support, on schedule and at the agreed cost. Using our professional judgment, we will do our best to serve you effectively; however, we cannot guarantee success on any given project/endeavor. Nor do we guarantee that any particular result will be attained by us.
We will continue to support clients that are using older versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale. Support issues are defined as follows:

  • System down
  • Can’t open POS
  • Receipt printer
  • Hardware issues
  • Performance issues

Will Ability Third Party Custom POS Apps and Financial Exchange (AFE) still work?

All of Ability Business’ POS Apps (third-party apps) like Integrated Scale, Total Customer, Surcharge, and RoundUp Donations along with Ability Business Financial Exchange will be supported. They have been developing and supporting QuickBooks software since 2006. 

Will Small Business Solutions LLC help guide me on this journey and my options?

We understand that switching platforms and implementing new software can be stressful because it takes planning, time and training. It is an investment. Below are two scenarios to consider. 

  1. Stay with QuickBooks Point of Sale, utilize Small Business Solutions LLC Support, and add a new Payment option. We are available to discuss options.
  2. Migrate to a new POS system. 

Stay with QuickBooks Point of Sale, utilize Small Business Solutions LLC Support, and add a new Payment plan.

Not ready to invest and transition to a new POS system?  Small Business Solutions LLC has you covered!  We will continue to support QuickBooks POS v19.
One Payment Option will be: Ability Payments will be a new optimized solution that will integrate with QuickBooks Point of Sale 19 and capture payments. Features include:

  • Native Stripe Terminal Integration with QBPOS.
  • Modern smart terminal that is fast.
  • Receipt items are displayed on the terminal during checkout.
  • Capture and store payment details for future usage
  • Contactless, EMV, Swipe, Digital Wallet for all Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx cards

Sign-up to stay informed about this NEW offering for QuickBooks Point of Sale v19

Migrate to a new Point of Sale (POS) System

Small Business Solutions LLC has partnered with Shopify and Lightspeed.  We have spent the last couple of months delving into these two offerings so that our team can help guide you through decision making.  We know selecting a new POS system takes time and thought.  Head over to this blog Selecting and implementing an affordable ERP system – retail, wholesale, eCommerce which lists key points to consider:

  1. Breakdown your workflows to understand what you need
  2. Get feedback from your managers and the team
  3. Create your checklist
  4. Hire a consultant, if needed
  5. Review options, including third-party add-on software to increase the functionality
  6. Talk with an expert
  7. Test-drive or demo a system
  8. Run system reports
Migrate to Shopify & Shopify POS

With Shopify, small and mid-size retailers plus pop-up merchants will benefit from having a single back office to manage their online and in-store operations. Shopify is a reliable and customizable platform, so retailers feel confident growing their business.
Shopify offers a best-in-class comprehensive POS solution and Shopify will provide a migration path for existing QuickBooks POS customers including data transfer and premium onboarding.  Shopify POS syncs with Shopify to track your orders and inventory across your retail locations, online store, and other active sales channels. You can even view and manage your store’s orders from the app.
Shopify – Key Features

  • Fully customizable website, online store, and blog
  • Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory, and customer data
  • Integrate with sales channels like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more
  • 24/7 award-winning customer support
  • 256-bit SSL certificates, Level-1 PCI compliance, and 99.99% uptime

Shopify POS – Key Features

  • Cloud-based POS Software enables remote access for anytime, anywhere management
  • Improved multi-store functionality with real-time inventory, order, and customer sync
  • E-commerce integration puts online and in-stores sales all in one place
  • Integration with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software
  • Free Data Migration process
  • Premium Onboarding (1:1 guided installation and set-up)
  • Free Customer Support 24/7
  • Turn any mobile device into a powerful point of sale. You can download the Shopify Retail POS app onto any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  • Personalize your POS system to your business. Keep your most-used apps, discounts, and products at your fingertips so you can fly through checkout.
  • Get the perfect POS setup, whether you’re a pop-up shop or a retail store. Shopify POS connects seamlessly with Shopify card readers and compatible hardware accessories.
Migrate to Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is the most advanced one-stop commerce platform for retailers looking to sell everywhere, drive growth and easily accept payments. From managing complex multi-store inventories to developing varied online sales strategies, Lightspeed Retail unifies all the smart functionalities you need to power your business to new heights. 
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, you can achieve your most ambitious goals with our user-friendly suite of connected solutions backed by our best-in-class support from in-house industry experts. Manage and grow your business the way you want with a one-stop retail POS platform.

  • Easily process sales through the Lightspeed app or connect Lightspeed Retail software to a variety of popular scanners, printers and registers.
  • Sell from a wide variety of options, from physical products and services to digital goods and subscriptions.
  • Simplify inventory management with a sophisticated product catalog that unites all your locations from a single dashboard.
  • Lightspeed keeps you on top of your business performance with built-in reports to get the most out of your data.
  • Connect with Lightspeed eCom to bring your store online or integrate with other software to run your business at full capacity.
  • Get the help you need from an experienced, dedicated team of specialists, available 24/7.

In Conclusion & Next steps

As you start this journey remember, our team is here to guide you through the next steps. Whether you want to stay with QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 or move to a new POS system, our team has you covered.  Contact us today at 256-337-5200, fill out our contact form for us to call you or email us at bob@biz-bob.com or jerie@biz-bob.com .
All the best,
Bob and Jerie
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