Creating Inventory Items in QuickBooks

Whether you’re selling unique items or stocking dozens of the same kinds of products, you need to create records for each. When it comes time to create invoices or sales receipts, your careful work defining each type of item will: Ensure your customers receive correct descriptions and pricing, Provide needed information about inventory levels, and […]

5 Ways You Can Use QuickBooks’ Income Tracker

QuickBooks appeals to millions of small businesses because it offers multiple ways to complete the same tasks, which accommodates different work styles.  Say, for example, you wanted to look up a specific invoice. You could: Go to the Customer Center and select the customer, and then scan through the list of transactions, Use the Find feature (Edit | Find), […]

7 Tips for Managing Payroll

It’s one of the most challenging elements of accounting — and one that must be absolutely accurate and timely.       bad credit slow credit motorcycle loansunsecured personal loans bedfordshirepersonal loans las vegas nvhow to start cash advance business That sigh of relief you breathed when you finished your initial payroll setup could probably […]