Creating Customer Statements in QuickBooks

Invoices not being paid promptly? Customers questioning their payment history? Create statements. A Simple Process Here’s how they work. Click Statements on the home page, or open the Customers menu and select Create Statements. A window like this will open: QuickBooks provides multiple options on this screen so you create the statement(s) you need. First, ensure the Statement Date is correct, so your […]

QB Bob QuickBooks Customer Refunds

Customer Refunds: Are You Doing Them Right?

Refunds. You probably wince at the word. Some – like customer refunds for returns – are fairly uncomplicated, thanks to QuickBooks’ tools. Others, not so much. You may find yourself unable to balance your accounts receivable. There are numerous scenarios that necessitate the use of credit memos, including overpayment, order cancellations, and bad debt write-off. […]