Creating Customer Statements in QuickBooks

Invoices not being paid promptly? Customers questioning their payment history? Create statements. A Simple Process Here’s how they work. Click Statements on the home page, or open the Customers menu and select Create Statements. A window like this will open: QuickBooks provides multiple options on this screen so you create the statement(s) you need. First, ensure the Statement Date is correct, so your […]

Receiving Payments in QuickBooks Online (QBO)

It’s one of our favorite activities in QuickBooks Online: recording money that comes in.  Are you doing it right? Receive payment on an invoice When payment comes in on an invoice, you can get to the right screens in any of several ways. Click the + (plus) sign in the upper right corner. Under Customers, […]

Receiving Customer Payments: Your Options

A Familiar Screen If you’re like many businesses, you send invoices to customers to let them know what they owe and when their payment is due. So one of the most commonly used ways to record payments is by using the Receive Payments window. To open it, click the Receive Payments icon on the home […]

QBO Apps and Add-Ons

QuickBooks Online (QBO) helps many small businesses manage and track their income and expenses, create records and transactions, and run reports to gauge their financial health. Do you wish it could do more? If so, try an App. They integrate easily to share data and to do the extra work you may need. Below are […]