Keeping Vendor Records in QuickBooks

Filling in Fields To create a vendor record, open the Vendors menu and select Vendor Center. Above the tabbed table, there’s a small toolbar. Open the New Vendor menu and click on New Vendor. A window like this will open: At the top of the screen (not pictured here) is a box labeled Vendor Name. Enter it, then move on to the Opening […]

Check Writing in QuickBooks Desktop

Online banking may get all the headlines, but many small businesses still prefer paper checks.  Once you’ve recorded a bill in Enter Bills, you need to visit the Pay Bills screen to dispatch a check. The image above shows the bottom of that screen. Other examples here include: Issuing paychecks (click the Pay Employees icon), Submitting payroll […]

Paying Bills in QuickBooks Online (QBO)

QBO employs a two-step process for bill payment. Once you’ve completed the first (setup), the hard part is done, and you can move on to fulfilling your financial obligations. Create a bill template and enter its details. You can even set up recurring bills. To review quickly from our previous post, we created a bill by […]

Keeping Up with Bills with QuickBooks Online

There are more pleasant accounting tasks than paying bills, but QuickBooks Online organizes and simplifies this critical chore. The Two-Step Process Before you can start paying bills, you have to enter them into QuickBooks Online (QBO). This will entail a bit of extra work the first time to set up a vendor, but there are […]