Working with Employee Records in QuickBooks Online

Just the Facts   The left vertical toolbar in QuickBooks Online contains a link for Employees. This is where you’ll add and edit staff records. Once you’re set up and have begun running payrolls, the page that this link opens will display your current year’s payroll cost totals. There will also be a list of […]

Time Tracking

 Building Your Records   Before you can ask employees to start tracking the hours they put in, you need to create a record for every time-based activity so that QuickBooks knows how much to charge when billable time is entered. The software creates and stores these in the same way it builds records for physical […]

Getting Ready for Payroll in QuickBooks Online (QBO)

While all of the work you do on the site needs to be thorough and accurate, you’re not just dealing with customers and vendors when you manage your payroll. Your employees count on you to compensate them for work completed, and external organizations like benefits providers and the IRS require absolute precision. We don’t mean […]