5 Ways to Accelerate Your Receivables in QuickBooks

If you asked five small business owners to name the top roadblocks they face in their quest for ongoing profitability, it’s likely that all five would point to slow payments.  It’s everyone’s problem. Accounts receivable requires constant monitoring.  As satisfying as it can be to dispatch a group of invoices, you know that it’s going […]

9 QuickBooks Best Practices for Payments

They’re not carved in stone, but accounting professionals tend to agree that these guidelines can improve the speed and accuracy of your payments – both incoming and outgoing — through QuickBooks. Old habits are hard to break. Once you start doing something one way, it can be hard to change course. There has to be […]

QB Bob QuickBooks Customer Refunds

Customer Refunds: Are You Doing Them Right?

Refunds. You probably wince at the word. Some – like customer refunds for returns – are fairly uncomplicated, thanks to QuickBooks’ tools. Others, not so much. You may find yourself unable to balance your accounts receivable. There are numerous scenarios that necessitate the use of credit memos, including overpayment, order cancellations, and bad debt write-off. […]


Intuit Payment Solutions Helps You Get Paid Faster

Intuit Payment Solutions provides tools – websites and hardware and software – that let you establish merchant relationships with banks so you can accept check and credit card payments, authorize them and get paid faster. The money moves into your account, usually within 2-3 business days, and your QuickBooks® files are always updated. The result: […]